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Every Animal Deserves a Home!

The Animal Show has been on the air in the Metro Vancouver area since August 2010. We're pleased to report that many of the animals we've featured on previous episodes have found their forever homes! We'd like to thank everyone for watching, and for the continued encouragement and support!

Unfortunately, there is still plenty of work to do — dozens of animals remain in local shelters, in need of adoption, and more are arriving every day. For that reason, we will continue (for as long as possible) to appeal to anyone who will listen: Adopt a Pet from your Local Animal Shelter!

Now Playing: Animal Show #160

(Nov 27, 2016)

The Nov 27, 2016 episode of The Animal Show is on the air! Join us as we visit with some of the great pets up for adoption at our participating shelters!

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2016

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